An Influencer must above all, communicate their persona to the world.


It is important to diversify your channels of communication, and reach your followers through more than just your Instagram page, but to also think about new lines, like a website, blog, and as many online media as possible.

That’s key to making the most out of your Community Brand, and strengthen your message. That way, you’ll end up reinforcing your Social Profile.

At first glance, we see a glamourous personality; primed and beautiful. But there’s so much more to Annabella, that make her not your typical beach beauty.

She’s an actress, a model, who writes, and produces shows.

And how do we know this?

She communicates. Everywhere.


She repeats, repeats, and repeats her message across her website, her Instagram, her Facebook, and even her personal store on WhatsMODE. And it’s the same message, inspiring her followers, and reminding them that the clothes they buy, are representing a powerful woman, a beautiful, successful woman of ambition.

And that, is the creation of value, through simple, but repetitive communication.


We learn that she never shies away from a challenge, and embraces her charisma, to help her experience life in a way which we could only dream of. Anabella looks amazing, yes, but her persona, her ‘glow’ is what make her an inspiration to us.

And her collection reflects just that, a vision of what we can be, and the lifestyle we can, and should enjoy.

A collection is something better, and bigger than the person initiating it. It is a representation of more than personality, it is the representation of a shared idea. And an idea, evolves, and improves, to match those aligned by it.

That’s why we say that time, and time again; Social Branding is something sustainable, carrying on with the customers, the users, the followers.

Annabella Gutman created a brand based on her lifestyle, but that lifestyle is a representation of things we love.

That’s because it suits the aspirations of her followers, which is to achieve the ‘Annabella Lifestyle’ – a vague concept of which anyone can create their own version.

Think of it like looking at a mannequin through a shop window, and seeing yourself wearing the new dress through the reflection.


Basically, we find that the simplest messages are best. They’re easy to adapt to ourselves, but they need to be repeated, repeated, repeated.


It is similar to normal branding, in which an advert one-sidedly communicates a lifestyle, with the hope of ‘nailing’ one’s demographic. The crucial difference here is, that because of the broader nature of Community Branding, using an idea, the users are more likely to identify, and respond accordingly.

Such a process is not only great for engagement with a  target demographic, but it is also a sustainable long-term strategy.

As the famed Casey Neistat says, to get your million subscribers, “you just need to keep uploading – no matter what it is, just keep uploading.”


Anabella Gutman displays a particular type of glamorous lifestyle, focusing on a more ‘fashionista’ type persona.

Her secret, is her repetition.

You can check out Annabella Gutman’s personal store here. Also be sure to view her website, and Instagram pages for more inspirations on how to improve your brand.

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