She’s a slice of different.

Cloe Couture makes for a new and sensational style aiming to become not just an element of herself, but as an element of other people. She loves to make, create, and exaggerate – maybe that’s what makes her the essence of true personality.

Her clothes excite people, and make them feel like they’re part of something special.

It’s an interesting evolution from her previous collections, aiming to encourage a free lifestyle, of fun, and to remain stress-free.

It’s in this collection, that she becomes something a little more aggressive. And we love it. It’s not so much an encouragement, but rather a push towards being a better person.

Cloe creates clothing that teach you to be a better you, but above all, to be stronger.

Her inspired headwear, take cues from adversity to the pains of weak relationships, and are something of a message spreading beyond the keyboards and twitter feeds, but out onto the street.

And while these form powerful messages, the clothing makes for a defiance against the frustrations of life, to rise above it, and be able to express yourself.

Take for instance, the denim boyfriend jacket. With a mismatch of patches, and a-symmetrical styling, she wants the world to know that true life is something imperfect - and that that itself is truly perfect.

Life is styled based on your liking, which precisely what makes the jacket so amazing, as it lets you add your own amazing creations to it.

But that isn’t all, her Moon Cap makes the same statement, it’s a canvas to explore new things, but with a character specific to Cloe herself. It’s an invitation into her world.

Be sure to take note of the ‘devil may care’ attitude coming from the velvet Boujee pants, it’s inspired by a touch of urban, a touch of royal, and a cascade of Bling!

Her Boybye cap on the other hand, speaks loud volumes, bringing a voice to those high-voltage frustrations of the relationships we face every day. It’s more than a hashtag, it’s the message of a generation, and Cloe nails it!

If we could sum up Cloe’s threads this time, it’s this; It’s Strong and Sassy.

Her clothes represent our hidden strengths, because with these picks, it encourages the world to see into a personality of the wearer, however all the while, encouraging us to become the strength to show off these ‘badges of honor’.

Enjoy these, add on to them, or wear them as is – just remember - be strong on the inside, to power the beauty on the outside.

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