Our very own Duaa H.B. brings us a blend of the East, and the best of the West.

One of our featured Influencers loves to mix serious design with some very solid colours and shades. Because at the end of the day, it’s the colours that count.

Many Influencers are pressured to choose what they think is best for the summer, and we don’t blame them. It’s easy to choose what’s ‘made for the beach’, like a bikini, or backless dress.

Remember, not all of them need to be.

Sometimes, to find the hottest styles, you need to pay close attention to the details. Take example from Duaa’s Red A-Line Dress, with its burgundy shade, deep crew neck, and short skirt length – notice anything that stands out?

The sleeves! They’re long, but wide at the end, making them perfect for any part of the season; sun, wind, or rain. It’s a small detail, but always an important one!

Another favourite of ours, is the V-Neck Laced Bodycon Maxi Dress – it features long sleeves, a long length, but what make it amazing, is the colour.

It’s a gentle kind of off-white that would look simply amazing at a garden party. And again in this case, it doesn’t show too off too much. It’s a classy look, to a very hot season, and fits absolutely stunningly.

Duaa has a special pattern of items in her collection. If you want to create a more conservative, but chic look, then consider taking some inspiration out of her book. She takes classic shapes, strong colours, but with very, very subtle ‘touches’, making her collection a real winner.

And that’s why you must remember, many of your Followers will come from across the world, and will love these unique stylings.

So why not give it a try for your next collection? Don’t be afraid to have fun with it!

Sassy styles, and solid colours are a good bet – a real breath of fresh air!

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