You may have heard of it.

And you should have heard of it.

But if you haven’t; then you’re about to fall in love.

The Unicorn colour scheme is tantalisingly magical, and it’s all over the internet right now.

It’s a tasty combination of fluorescent colours, stars, and… well… have a look below!

Think of it an offshoot of the traditional rainbow, or better yet – if the rainbow were made of candy colors, then you’ve nailed it. The Unicorn style has exploded on the scene in recent years, and combines the likes of aqua, purple, pink, basically remind us of anything sweet, delicious, and ‘fairy-tale magical’. It’s probably the reason why it’s become so popular! Today, you can find this style all over; and it isn’t going away any time soon.


It began as a simple logo motif, before taking on a personality of its own. Though, we can’t help but to love the images too: Before long, the color scheme became a part of people’s hairstyles, inspiring some incredible designs.

People would mix their colours, some fully-loaded, some faded - but all of them ended up looking absolutely amazing;

There’s no best way to do it, with some opting for the full rainbow, and some even mixing it up with their natural hair colour, making an even crazier effect.

But here’s where things get even more amazing, the unicorn style became edible too. With cupcake designs, logo designers, and even Starbucks introducing the famed Unicorn Frappuccino Blended Crème. The sweetness added a who new personality to the style!

And the fashion world simply feel in love with it, with Nike even joining in to create their fantastic Iridescent Air sneakers.

It began with the beautiful creature itself, making its way onto shoes, shirts, skirts, and dresses. Here are some of our faves.

Take note of the design schemes, and the special color combos. We think you’ll get inspiration for your new collections too!  

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