One thing is definite; the internet has brought us all together. Skype your BFF from Paris, Snapchat from California, and watch a Livestream in Hawaii.

It’s quick, it’s fast, and it’s getting faster.

We have the power to communicate with our influencers, and this is because the distance has narrowed down significantly. Traditional celebrities; the DiCaprio’s of our time, live on one side of the glass. Whilst those celebrities of our time, residing on our side of the glass, are accessible, and are only a few likes and comments away.

The way in which their content is received is online-based, and is therefore measurable, as opposed to those of the traditional realm. This makes influencers much more responsive to change.

They are adored by unique combinations of followers, and work in unison with them to build an incredible connection, thereby establishing the definition of a community. This is because followers and influencers are no-longer separate, they are both sharing, and shaping, the same value.

And communities are never stationary, as through constant interaction, they’re constantly improving.

In today’s world it is ever-easier to become an influencer. As is the case in economics; the barriers to entry in diverse and competitive landscape are much lower than that of a market dominated by a select group of players. For this reason, Influencer Economics attract scores of dynamic personalities, each vying to appeal to our unique and diverse lifestyles, and sell their products.

These people, who with a strong-enough message, have the ability to be seen by millions. Already, billions of us have experienced the effect of influencers. Billions more are yet to rate, comment, and subscribe to the next best thing.

Influencer Economics are killing the traditional advertising model, as today, branding centers on community identity. This identity is strengthened through a combination of; content creation, continuous interactions, with trading happening in between.

In essence, it’s the future – your future. And that future is happening right now.

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Review by wiley

posted on Apr 24, 2017
How we can join your program, it sounds interesting

Review by Lorence

posted on Apr 24, 2017
It is incredible to see how consumers become empowered by the latest technology. Soon it will allow us to realize our most intricate desires. Nowadays, influencers can lead us to design products to which we can relate!

Review by Madeline

posted on Apr 22, 2017
agree, influencer effect us more and more. It's incredible how they've penetrated the market.......

Review by Kathy B.

posted on Apr 16, 2017

Review by Eileen Norrington

posted on Apr 15, 2017
Influencers are all over the place! But they post different content in Asia, much bigger focus on mass branding.

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