You are part of the online elite. You’re an #INFLUENCER.

But what now?

You’ve embraced the power of social media, reached your first few-thousand followers, and have become a real influencer. Your natural intuition makes for incredible rich-media, you create stimulating articles and content, and you’re revered for your mastery of fashion.

Your popularity has grown astonishingly, and in that popularity, you begin to worry about truly succeeding. You’re looking to build your profile, attract more people, and shape opinions. However most of all, you begin to worry about losing what you’ve gained.

You’re right to worry.

But worry not.

Because to succeed is to avoid - and what to avoid, are the mistakes made by some of the world’s biggest internet celebrities. Brands will recruit you, entice you, and force an agreement with you. This is where things become serious.

Your status, influence, and number of followers depends on your credibility.

Partnering with the wrong brand can shatter this credibility, as had happened to some of China’s largest online celebrities.

Shifting often between brands, partnering with brands unconnected to your online profile, and frequently posting sponsored content all make for great incentives. But opting to abuse these perks leaves you alienated from your followers.

My advice is this; soul-searching.

Self-evaluation is key to determining your true value. What kind of content do you post? Who are your followers? What kind of lifestyles do they lead? What might they want to see next?

Your brand doesn’t belong to you; it belongs to all of you. Community Branding requires the input of your followers, so be sure to consult with them. Because never forget, these followers brought you here in the first place.

The most successful Community Brands opt for long-term growth, choosing to overlook early sponsored agreements, in favor of gaining a larger followership, and greater influence.

This could take months, maybe a year. But like a baby bird, their wings must develop before they can fly. Community Branding is a waiting game, but a game that you stand to win in the long run.

Andy Warhol famously stated that in the future, everyone’ll be famous for 15 minutes. Don’t cash in on that 15 minutes. Plant that seed, and let that turn into something much greater. Your influencers will thank you for it.

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Review by JimmiXzSq

posted on May 21, 2017

Review by JimmiXzSq

posted on May 18, 2017

Review by Alice

posted on Apr 26, 2017
Wonderful!!Be greater!!

Review by Sally

posted on Apr 22, 2017
Great advice, give me a new direction. thank you.

Review by Lena

posted on Apr 19, 2017
Be a true influencer, need more things

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